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The TWRU Difference

At TWRU CPAs & Financial Advisors, we form a unique bond with our clients and take a personal stake in helping them achieve their goals. We are there throughout the year, available to you when you need us. We purposely maintain a manageable list of clients to make sure no one gets lost in the shuffle. Our personal client relationships and hands-on approach coupled with true depth of experience makes an impact on our clients’ success.

Most Americans are busy meeting the immediate demands of “today” and rarely have time to concentrate on the future. That’s where we come in. TWRU CPAs & Financial Advisors specializes in helping small to medium size entrepreneurial clients to look beyond day-to-day operations and set goals for a successful future. With help from our experienced professionals, you can more effectively work on your business instead of in your business.

  • Do you have a plan for your company?
  • Are you hoping to expand?
  • Are you planning to seamlessly turn your company over to the next generation?
  • What will happen if you become sick or disabled?

With more than seven decades of experience partnering with businesses and individuals, TWRU can help you answer these and other questions with customized strategies that will achieve your financial goals and ensure success. Whether it’s personal or business isn’t it time you took firm control of your future to achieve your desired results?



“Our Mission is to actively identify opportunities and implement actions to help our clients become more successful and profitable.”

In 1948 A. Edgar Thomas decided to break away from the corporate world to become a sole practitioner.  He started out the way most entrepreneurs do.  He worked hard, worked long and worked for the best interest of his clients.  Those clients often became his close friends.  This became a hallmark of how we still do business.  Over the next decade or so he grew his firm and was able to hire several others to help keep up with the work.  In the early 1960’s the firm was in a position to begin a new focus in audit.  To assist in this area, Stewart Wilson was hired out of college.  When the firm secured the contract to audit the city of Baton Rouge, Stewart took the lead on the audit.

Jake Ragusa was a partner of Edgar’s until the entrepreneurial spirit lead him to withdraw.  He left with the support of Edgar to venture out on his own.   However, Jake came to realize the importance of professional peer relationships in the CPA profession and returned to the firm to be in partnership with Edgar and Stewart.

By the early 1980’s the growing firm merged with an enthusiastic consultant by the name of Kerry Uffman.  Kerry was determined to be the leader in financial planning.  He spent the early part of his career acquiring education and certifications for financial planning.  He was able to move the firm forward by helping our clients with portfolio and wealth management.  This merger resulted in the formation of the accounting firm of Thomas, Wilson, Ragusa, Uffman and Co.

Not ever losing sight of the entrepreneurial spirit that formed the backbone and drive of the firm, there were mergers with other CPA’s in the 1990’s and early 2000’s.  The rationale has always been to strengthen the ability to serve the Baton Rouge community through offering comprehensive financial services.

Edgar understood how important it is to be prepared and ahead of competitors.  TWRU has matured into the second generation of partners; however, the legacy of being prepared has been passed down.

In 2011 the firm officially changed its name to TWRU CPAs and Financial Advisors.  Currently, TWRU is guided by three partners: Sara Downing, Linda Gibson and Cherie Odom.  The firm has grown from one man’s dream to almost thirty employees, with 15 CPA’s.   Over the years we’ve learned to keep our focus on building relationship so our clients are more than just clients.  We continually look for areas in which to grow our business and we are innovative in our approach to technology as we serve our clients by helping them achieve their financial and life goals.

Are you ready to get on track And meet your financial goals?