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Elder Care Services

Elder Care Services
If you are providing health care or financial support for a loved one, we can help you establish a cash management service to help guide you through the overwhelming challenges you and your family are facing during this transition period.


Estate Planning

The professionals at TWRU CPAs and Financial Advisors work with our clients and their attorney in identifying strategies that will minimize this tax on one’s accumulated net worth and to provide for the orderly transfer of these assets in accordance with the client’s desires and wishes—whether that be to family members or to charities that provide ‘for the greater good” of humanity.


Financial Planning

Our goal is not to simply help you retire, but to provide a roadmap to achieve a specific lifestyle and a future of financial independence.

In today’s world, whether you hope to work well past your sixties or retire early, planning for the future is the best way to make the most of your “golden years.”

TWRU CPAs and Financial Advisors offers a specialized team of CPAs, certified financial planner, personal financial planner, a chartered financial analyst, and registered investment advisors. We provide financial planning, retirement planning, IRAs, company retirement plans, portfolio management and a variety of other specialized financial services to assist you with establishing or maintaining financial independence. TWRU CPAs and Financial Advisors can help you create a strategy that combines a savings program, employer retirement plans and careful asset allocation, while ensuring that financial uncertainties are provided for and debt is maintained at a manageable level.

Personal Taxes

No one likes “surprises” when it comes to his or her tax returns. That’s why TWRU works closely with our clients throughout the year to adequately plan for their income tax liabilities so they know what to expect.

As a client’s net worth increases, our experienced professionals can help him or her take advantage of strategies to become tax efficient and also assist in “after tax” asset accumulation. Close, personal relationships with our clients help us to identify opportunities best suited for their individual needs and circumstances.

Personal Technology

TWRU IT ADVISORS is available to help with individual personal computers.  If you have questions or issues with your home computer we can handle that for you.  We help with computers that run slowly, home networking issues and printing issues.  He can discuss your current computer needs and make recommendations regarding updating or, if needed, suggest newer technology.  Remote access is available to speed up the process.

Please contact David Johnson to discuss your needs at 225-926-1050 or

Retirement Planning

For late 1950’s Baby Boomers and the following generations, Social Security is on its way to becoming a non-event. That’s why it is increasingly important to prepare for your retirement years or plan to work longer to support your current lifestyle. In either circumstance, we can assist clients in defining retirement goals and then creating a plan that meets them.

For individuals who have acquired sufficient funds to provide for retirement, distribution planning—particularly in the early years of retirement—is a must. Withdrawing too much during the early years can jeopardize funds later in life, while not having the right asset allocation puts your retirement assets at risk of inflation. TWRU CPAs and Financial Advisors has the professional expertise to work with our clients in identifying and managing these risks.


Are you ready to get on track And meet your financial goals?