Retirement is Coming – TWRU will Help with What You Need

YOU MADE IT! You’ve worked hard, punched the clock, put in valuable time to ensure that you will have a secure and comfortable retirement… But how does that happen?

Statistics show that 55% of Americans are concerned that the current economic conditions are threatening their retirement.  As that day draws near, it is likely that you will have many questions about your financial future.

We share your concerns.

TWRU CPAs & Financial Advisors now has a Retirement Income Professionals group that is ready to help you navigate the murky waters of financial planning, retirement, social security, and so much more. Every situation is unique and it takes a person with a unique understanding to help.

In the next few weeks you will begin receiving a series of articles from our retirement team on the topic of Social Security. Future mailings of articles pertaining to other retirement topics such as reverse mortgages and housing options for seniors will follow.

We strongly encourage you to schedule an appointment for an initial discovery meeting. Feel free to call us at 225-926-1050 so that together we can focus on your financial needs and create a plan to ensure your retirement future will be financially secure.

Meet Our Advisors and hear their thoughts

“A comprehensive and integrative retirement-planning framework is needed to obtain the three critical objectives for a retirement income goal:  

  1. Is your retirement income secure?
  2. Is your retirement income stable?
  3. Is your retirement income sustainable?”

Kerry G. Uffman, CPA/PFS, CFP, CFA, RICP, RMA


“Being a financial planner allows me to assist my clients by giving them independent, sound advice not only on income taxes, but also other important financial life issues. When the retirement planning process is completed, it is a pleasure to see my clients’ confidence in their futures.”

Louis LoBue, Jr., CPA/PFS, MBA


“I became interested in social security planning for the first time when my sister lost her husband and I was asked to help her with claiming the surviving spouse’s benefit and the benefit for one of her children. It was then I learned how involved social security is.”

Teresa M. Meyer, CPA


“I became interested in advising on retirement issues when I was helping my parents work through these same questions. I care about people and want to help them secure their futures.”

Derek M. Mathews, CPA, CVA