TWRU Improves Technology to Protect Clients Information

TWRU CPAs and Financial Advisors recently took steps to further the security of their clients information by upgrading their servers and implemented a Virtual Desktop experience for two thirds of their work force.  The system was designed to increase security of our clients information and allow a seamless desktop transition for our workforce.  Client information remains on secured servers at all times with access requiring an encrypted desktop client.  So far the implementation has gone extremely smooth.  One of the concerns had been the speed at which the users would be able to access the information.  In many cases, the access speed within the programs has significantly increased.  “We could not be more pleased.  Our staff has come to me to tell me that everything is better than it was before.” said David Johnson, TWRU Information Technology Manager.
An additional benefit has been that the staff is able to access the exact same desktop regardless of where they work.  Often times our staff will work late at night from home or at clients offices.  In the past they were limited to how they could work because of the technology,  This often caused confusion regarding the desktop and the actual location of some working files.  Now with the new system they have the same desktop regardless of how they connect to the office.  TWRU currently has plans to migrate the rest of their users to the new system before the end of the year.